Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sacred Harp Workshop with Cath & Phil Tyler

It is a privilege to welcome Cath & Phil Tyler back to Holy Biscuit as we host a Sacred Harp Singing Workshop in the Vestry. Sacred Harp Singing is a very special type of acapella, polyphonic, communal singing which is rooted in the rich cultural traditions of the Southern United States. 

Having been described as "Loud, unrestrained and almost raucous" it is accessible for anyone, from those who have been trained classically and need to be 'liberated' (!) to those of you who are convinced you are tone deaf. (Phil Tyler himself was in that boat before Cath introduced him - and he clearly hasn't looked back!)

Sacred Harp also has a rich tradition of community and friendship at its heart, and I have it on good authority that most of these workshops end with a trip to the pub and for a continuation of the jollity.

So, come down for 2pm on Saturday 29th September - entry is free and refreshments are provided. It looks to be a great afternoon!
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